Mixing videos & dropping in samples from film/tv allows you to have more of a narrative thread running through the set than just mixing music. Sets, or segments of them often work around themes.

Here are some sample mixes to give you an idea of what a live ineaux mix is like. The first few are made using Dragontape which limits mixes to short audio fades & abrupt video transitions, but you get the idea.

A smoking dog called Butch

smoking dog callled butch full size

Remixing teh internets…

remixing teh internetsFriday night mashup…

friday night mashup

Homealone mashup…

homealone mashup

Meta wrangling in beta Heres an odd thing I did for a midnight Berlin Radio Show. Although it was for radio, it was made from Youtube videos in much the same way as I play live, only without full screen visuals, and using Gridr

Best of British…

Space Wars…

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