Its good to be able to return to obscure yet literal links to youtube videos instead of actual words for blog titles. Just don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics, as there was no sunshine in this sojourn, for obvious reasons.

So, has the heat been getting to you? It was really making me itch: itching for a guerilla cinema. Having just returned from a holiday in Croatia, where outdoor cinemas are ten a penny, I was longing to get out and make one happen in Leeds. Its been a couple of years since my last one, a semi official affair during the Chapel Allerton Festival.

Fortunately last Friday night the forecast was dry and the evening warm, so off I set with a couple of pals to scope out a spot. We started with a false dawn, when we spotted the perfect site in a Headingley Park, only to be thoroughly ‘checked out’ by da yoot on bikes as we gave it a look.

they live 1

So on we drove, until we came to another park, which looked pretty unpromising. However, we decamped and wandered across to check out the back of a newsagents, that faced onto the main road. What a find! Light coloured walls, next to no light pollution, and best of all, a perfect little ampitheatre of grass facing the ‘screen’. I was so excited I sprinted back up the hill to drive the van down to within 50 metres of the cinema spot.

As well as testing the venue, this was also a test of how long the battery could power the projector. I have had bad experiences of running out of petrol with 15 minutes of Gremlins still to go, so was a little on edge all night. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried.

they live 2

We chose to watch John Carpenters They Live, which if you’re not aware was the inspiration behind street artist Shepherd Fairey’s Obey campaign (along with featuring the longest fight scene in movie history). An appropriate choice for such a venture we felt. Here are a few shots from the night.they live 3

There’s not a great deal else to say, other than stay tuned for the next instalment, as I will definitely do it again, providing we get a decent evening one weekend this summer.

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