The inbetweeners

I’ve always thought that the most interesting stuff happens in the gap between ‘things’, the interstitial spaces. There are any number of high philosophical concepts you could develop from such an opener, but I’m talking about incidental material that I use in my work, the stuff that isn’t fan videos or streaming from VEVO.

In the old days this would have been called ‘found footage’. It was unearthed at jumble sales and charity shops, but what is found footage in the digital era? Well some of it is that old analogue content, digitised for teh internets. A prime example being the AV Geeks, curators of an enormous archive of digitised footage, largely sourced from Public Service Announcements and educational films from the States.

But there is so much more, and so much more to my live shows than music videos. Some of my favourite material is a spoof, either knowingly or reimagined via remix. Take for example the oeuvre of Reverend Bob. I love the Reverend, not least because he is tangentially related to the Church of Sub-Genius, of which I am myself a Minister. Lets hear a word from Bob…

Continuing this irreligious theme, there are some great examples of found footage which were originally created for the old medium, but which were subsequently shared with the ether by a digivangelist.

If you detect a connecting theme of anti-establishment humour, its a gold star and extra milk rations for you. The bits in between are the places I get my message across and what makes a live set so much more than a music video mix.

Since I added a third ‘deck’ to my live setup, I’m finding so many more opportunities to expand on the relationships between interstitial material, with the ‘music’ often playing a subordinate role. I’ll look at the types of content that typically get overlaid via the third deck in a future blog. But for now, lets end, with yet more found footage from the old medium. Goodnight.

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