What do you call 50% of a Your Tubes night?

I would imagine you can list off the top of your head the essential ingredients for a Your Tube event. Your list probably looks something like:

  • Computer, several of.
  • Projector, bright one.
  • Screen, amply sized.
  • Internet connection.

Can you guess what was missing from this list last Friday? Or do you hang on my every tweet, and consequently know that we spent the first hour and a half without the internets?

That’s right, to bring the event back into compliance with the Trade Descriptions Act, it should have been renamed You. Or possibly Me. Because that’s how it started out. Though I was lucky enough to have Dave Lynch along to provide moral support and beer.

Eventually the internet connection coughed and spluttered it’s way back to life a mere half way through the evening. The few audience members who had tried to stick it out had disappeared, leaving the pair of us with a massive PA & cinema screen to ourselves. So we had all the fun in a back to back megamix, remarkable for the fact that Dave held his own despite not being that familiar with the more nuanced contents of YouTube. He has been vj’ing for quite some time though, and knows a trick or three.

In the end we did gather a small crowd, who enjoyed what was going on, so that was nice. It’s just as well I’m about as laid back as they come, and with a good few years events experience under my belt, or it might have made for a rather stressful evening. Here’s the rather apt last track…