I am not a VJ, honestly!

I recently introduced myself to someone with the words “I’m a VJ” which as you well know means Video Jockey. I was in the company of other much more established VJ’s, and much hilarity ensued as I then sought to distance myself from the term.

Now on the face of it you might wonder why I would quibble with this term, don’t I mix videos? Doesn’t that make me a video jockey? Well, yes and no. The trouble is the term VJ was coined before mixing audio along with video was the norm, so it tends to be associated with the VJ’s who provide live synchronised visuals to accompany a DJ. But when I play I’m mixing both audio and video, not just the video. So, like Eclectic Method before me, I’m declaring I’M NOT A VJ.

That is not to say that what I do is better than being a VJ, its just different. In many ways they are more creative than I am, like a musician creating their own music not a DJ playing the music of others. And in my years of promting a/v events I have seen some amazing VJ’s who have blown me away. But still, I’m not really a VJ in the way it has come to be understood. At the moment I prefer the term YouTube Jockey.

Still, lets have a look at the work of a VJ. Here’s a great example of what they do. The tune is Fix Your Accent, a perky little number from Fake Blood, set to video by a VJ who is most confusingly called djapple2000. This has no doubt been pre-recorded, but a good VJ will be able to recreate this synching live no bother…