Hep cap cartoons

Some of my favourite childhood memories involve sitting in-front of our old tv watching cartoons. This rich vein of nostalgia is regularly mined in music videos, usually with a tongue in cheek nod to the grown up audience, such as the bare bottomed prospector in Wild Rumpus’ “Rock the Joint”. Wild Rumpus claim to be a collision of Country-Blues-Dub-Tronica and Psychedelic-Surf-Cosmic-Disco,  yet still find space for an additional ingredient, courtesy of beatboxing phenomenon Beardyman. I love the way he spots the “Wild Rumpus” sign in the street and thinks “Thats for me!”

In a very similar animation style, which is even more blatantly early period Disney, here’s fuzzy headed welsh heartthrob Tom Jones accompanied by a troupe of dancing flames in “Give a little love”