Brazilian collage aesthetics

Todays Hexstatic flashback features footage shot by them on a visit to the stunning city of Salvador in northern Brazil, the home of Capoeira. This martial art certainly lends itself to audio visuals as the rhythm they dance/fight to is an integral part of the art, and is sampled to great effect here. Plus the kicks, flips and synchronised routines are visually very impressive….

Although in a totally different vein, I have to share another outstanding  video: ‘Tyger’, created by Brazilian film maker Guilherme Marcondes. As the name suggests, this was inspired by William Blake’s poem The Tyger, and through his mixed media creation you can definitely see the tiger burning bright. I also love the way the people turn their animal spirits and the fact that you can see the puppeteers in many of the shots. All in all this is a truly fascinating, and visually rich, short film.