Les Français viennent!

With a name like ineaux you would no doubt expect me to be something of a Francophile, and of course I’d hate to disappoint. I love the way our friends over the water have similar but disparate tastes. You can see this really well in films from the 60’s, which have all the cheeky sauce of a contemporary English flick, but with added Citroens. So I was really chuffed to find a French artist Chris Joss who sounds like he hails from that era, and complements his music with sampled 60’s movies. Enjoy his funky Danger Buds:

I have always been into French Hip Hop as well, the language seems perfect for fast flowing raps. So when I came across the Fabolous Troubadors, who sing/rap in Occitan a folk language from the south of France (though this clip sounds French to me….) I was immediately sold. Unfortunately they don’t have much of a visual presence on the web, limiting the extent that I can play them out, but handily they do have this video that fits neatly with some of my favoured narratives. With the help of GCSE French and the accompanying images, you can probably make out what they have to say: